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About Sam C's

When I became pregnant for the first time, I was so excited and yet so unprepared. I quickly realized how much I did not know about…everything!

For example, I never thought I’d be asking the following questions...

Pregnancy is actually 10 months, what?!

I can’t eat lunch meat because why?!

What in the hell is a pregnancy pillow?!

How long do I have to wear a diaper for after I give birth?!

The umbilical cord stump will just fall off?!

And so on and so forth…

What began as a researching extravaganza quickly evolved into a summer project. I loved reading all these different women’s experiences with pregnancy, labor, and motherhood that I felt compelled to document my own journey. Living in the information age is pretty freaking awesome! (I’ve also never been so impressed with women before… damn we’re tough.)

Sam C’s hopes to provide you information with no BS for every twist and turn that comes your way. This includes advice on how to handle finding out your pregnant, how to tell your family, the best and newest products, pregnancy week by week, labor and delivery must-knows, tips for first-time moms, and of course, the most rewarding experience of all... parenting! 

Sam C’s supports ALL MOMS out there which is why we have a number of awesome mothers contributing to our blog, both on our writing and editing team. Our goals are to inspire positive mindsets, share helpful routines and habits, encourage safety during pregnancy and postpartum (physically and mentally), and help families maintain an environment where they can enjoy life and enjoy raising kids!