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Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide

Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide


When you imagine being pregnant in the summertime, you might immediately think dreadful, hot, sweaty... ugh. I'm here to tell you that it's seriously not that bad. In fact, I loved being pregnant in the summer! 

You get to wear less layers of clothing, all the best fruits are in season, and there's a ton of fun pregnant-friendly things to do! 


In this article I will discuss:

Fun things to do in the summer while pregnant


Survival toolkit: things you need to survive a summer pregnancy

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Fun Things To Do In The Summer While Pregnant

1. Go to the Beach.

Sand in your toes, ocean breeze on your face... what could be better?

Worried about "cooking" your baby? Don't be. It is safe to sun bathe while pregnant, but you must take it easy. You know your body and if you burn easily or not... take into consideration that your skin is even more sensitive because of your pregnancy. Even as an Italian woman who used to lay outside with baby oil (not recommended to anyone literally ever), I made sure to wear sunscreen. You should wear at least 30 SPF and drink A TON of water to stay hydrated. To avoid getting too hot, park your beach chair close to the water (have someone else carry it for you, of course). 

2. Get a Pedicure. 

Those demons you call toes—the ones you haven't looked at in awhile... yeah, they could use some work if you've been following the whole "out of sight, out of mind" motto. Head to the nail salon and treat yo self to a relaxing pedicure.  

3. Walk in the Park. 

This was a staple in my routine when I was pregnant. My husband and I would wake up early (before it was too hot) and walk a couple miles in our local park. Don't worry about not sleeping in, there's plenty of time for a nap later!

Evening strolls can be nice too! Bring the dogs!

4. Enjoy a Pool Day. 

Whether you have a pool in your backyard or you head to a community pool, swimming is a great way to cool off and get exercise while pregnant. The water will make you feel weightless which is a godsend during pregnancy! Get yourself a cute maternity swimsuit! Treat your self.

5. Go Strawberry Picking.

Look up farms or orchards near you where you can pick your own fruit! The one my husband and I go to lets you pick-your-own strawberries, blueberries, black raspberries, and blackberries in the summer! It's wholesome, family fun that gets you outside, active, and appreciating the little things in life. 

6. Go on an Ice Cream Date. 

Cool down with delicious ice cream, frozen yogurt, or Italian ice. This should be a weekly mandatory excursion for all pregnant women. No excuses!

7. Incorporate Nap Time. 

You want to avoid being outside during the hottest hours of the day. Sounds like the perfect nap time to me. But seriously, you are still pregnant and you do want to make sure you are getting in rest, so take a beat in the middle of the day to recharge your batteries. 

8. Have Date Night.

Go out to a nice restaurant. If it's a cool night, find a place with outdoor seating! Just watch your sodium intake if you're struggling with swollen feet. Tell your waiter/waitress to keep the aqua coming!

9. Attend a Drive-in Movie.

Drive-in movie theaters are cheaper than the standard theater, and they typically show a double feature. There's a lot more freedom at the drive-in and you certainly can engage in more of a social experience than at the movies. 

Plus, when you have to pee every five minutes, you won't be worried about squeezing through the tiny aisles and disrupting others' experience! 

10. Make Mocktails.

Enjoy delicious drinks without all the bad decisions. You can basically make any drink into a mocktail by leaving out the alcohol. My go-to virgin drinks for the summer include a Frozen Peach Bellini, a Raspberry Lemonade Mojito, and a Mango Margarita.

11. Watch the Sunset. 

If this is your first baby, you will really want to savor the time you have with your partner before all the craziness occurs and you're both too busy to function.

It doesn't have to be a big romantic getaway though. Invite some of your closest friends to come with you, hit up the local gas station for snacks, and park somewhere with a nice view. 

12. Netflix and Chill Out. 

Never underestimate the power of air conditioning! There is nothing wrong with spending time indoors during the summer. Find a good show to binge watch and put your feet up. You deserve to be at ease.

13. Take a Baby Moon. 

Plan a getaway. It could be for a couple of days or it could be a whole week. Especially if you work in the summer, schedule yourself a vacation to unwind and reconnect with your partner before you officially become parents.

14. Attend a Sporting Event.

Personally, my husband and I like to go to the minor league baseball games by us. We are not mega-fans by any means but I love the atmosphere. It's old-fashioned entertainment that always puts me in a good mood. What's around in your area? 

15. Check Out Local Events.

Like I said before, there's a ton of pregnant-friendly things to do during the summer. Check online for festivals, carnivals, community cookouts, food trucks, flea markets, craft and vendor shows... you might be surprised on how much you find! These events are all fun to attend and usually involve some very tasty food! 

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Summer Pregnancy Survival Toolkit

1. Pregnancy-friendly Sunscreen

You want to find a mineral-based, broad-spectrum sunscreen. Broad-spectrum sunscreens protect against UVA rays and UVB rays. Mineral sunscreens use two natural minerals—zinc oxide and titanium dioxide—that are safe for pregnant women.

The ingredient you want to avoid is: Oxybenzone.

 2. Comfy Shoes 

It's flip flop season, so put those heels away! No more bending down to put on socks and shoes. If you suffer from swollen feet due to the heat (combined with being pregnant), avoid standing for long periods of time, elevate your feet while resting, drink more water, and cut back on your salt intake.

3. Bug Spray

If you live near mosquitos, beware. According to new studies, mosquitos prefer to snack on pregnant women twice as much! I know, so unfair. Pregnant women are breathing more heavily, releasing more carbon dioxide that attracts mosquitos.

It's important to avoid getting eaten as mosquitos can cary a number of illnesses such as malaria, Lyme disease, West Nile virus, and Zika virus. The good news is that bug repellent is on the OK list when used as recommended. Any insect repellent registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considered safe for pregnant women. 

4. Fun Summer Clothing

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can't look and feel adorable! Make sure you have some preggo-approved maxi dresses, sunglasses, and a big-ass sun hat (just because). 

5. Handheld Fan 

When I was pregnant, I had to sit through a middle school graduation ceremony, and a kind-hearted stranger let me use her handheld fan. It was a blessing. Battery-operated, easy to carry, and a total life saver!

6. Popsicles 

Stock your freezer with this nostalgic snack that will keep you cool. They also work as ice packs when you get desperate (not kidding). When I was feeling overheated one day at work (with no AC), I put popsicles on my forehead and on my back. When you're pregnant, you can get away with all sorts of things that might normally make you look ridiculous!

7. Water Bottle

As if you haven't heard this enough, you need to stay hydrated. Experts recommend pregnant women drink two liters of water a day. Now add a couple of glasses to that because of the heat. When you're out and about, water isn't always readily available, so by bringing your own water bottle, you are covered.

 beach ball pregnant

    Hopefully you're feeling a little bit better about taking on the summertime with these tips!

    Remember, don't skip the cookouts just because you're pregnant... think of the s'mores you'd be missing! Enjoy your summer, mamas!

    Last note, if you want to escape the heat... consider taking a babymoon to somewhere cooler! 

    This information is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. We do not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here. 

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