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64 Cool Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

64 Cool Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Congratulations! Let me guess... you've got a secret you'd like to share but need some inspiration. Whether you're looking for pregnancy announcements to share on Facebook, or some ways to announce your pregnancy to family in person, you've come to the right place. With the help of 64 very cute families we've compiled an awesome pregnancy announcement gallery for you to steal ideas from!


Food Pregnancy Announcements

For the foodie in all of us.

eating for two pregnancy announcement @rheyad


If you're anything like me, you try to incorporate pizza into your daily life as often as possible. This pizza box pregnancy reveal is awesome. Even if it is a little cheezyyy... ;)

pizza pregnancy announcement@firstgradeteacherlady


Tim Hortons eh? Don't worry America! This donut pregnancy reveal will work just as well with Dunkin'. Baby dessert announcements are universally awesome!

cute pregnancy announcement for Canadians @sabina.themommalife


What better way to say you're prego than the old prego sauce pregnancy announcement...

prego pregnancy announcement @arleen_sosa


foodie pregnancy announcement@buckleduponmaybes


 You want the baby scoop? You got it!

cute pregnancy announcement  @karlene_malcolm


Bakers gonna bake! baking pregnancy announcement @taartentatyana


Drinking Pregnancy Announcements

drinking pregnancy announcement @baby_jaxon19


Dog Pregnancy Announcements

Dog pregnancy announcements are cute! Double dog announcements are even cuter!

dog pregnancy announcement @bandvtheblackpugs



cute pregnancy announcements for dog lovers@seanthetibbypug



The guard dog pregnancy announcement is great for those of you with more intimidating pups! And for Chihuahua owners like myself... you might find it works ironically!

puppy pregnancy announcement@jackiebabe_06


Cat Pregnancy Announcements 

We didn't forget you cat people!

cat pregnancy announcement@willemsnadine


Rhyming Pregnancy Announcements

Some of just can't help ourselves. 

dr seus pregnancy annoucement@thaineeasianmakeupnation





Britney Spears Pregnancy Announcements

Oops I did it again!

oops i did it again pregnancy announcement @__dani.nicole__


Justine Timberlake Pregnancy Announcements

It's gonna be May!

its gonnna be may pregnancy announcement@bluedaffodilcrafts @pearlapparelky


Halloween Pregnancy Announcements

Light up your announcement with a Jack o'lantern!

jack o'lantern pregnancy announcement@kieranbaldockmartinez


Winnie i smell a child. 

halloween pregnancy announcement@kaylee_harrell1219


Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcements 

Mildly explicit, extremely festive! 5 stars for this turkey baby announcement!

thanksgiving pregnancy announcement@brie.beast


Another cute turkey announcement for the slightly more reserved!

turkey in the oven baby announcement@bayleeannbolton


Christmas Pregnancy Announcements

Silent nights be gone!

christmas baby announcement@maddison_farhat3


x mas christmas announcement@mrs.yvonnebarrera


 You're on the naughty list!

christmas pregnancy announcement@the_girl_from_mars


Easter Pregnancy Announcements

Get eggcited! 

easter pregnancy announcement @ameliatangeman0


4th Of July Pregnancy Announcements

Red, white, and due.

4th of july pregnancy announcement@mandythemomma


Workaholic Pregnancy Announcement 

You don't have to be in construction to reveal your pregnancy with a bump ahead sign. But it helps!

cute pregnancy announcements for construction workers@lyssssr


Vacation Pregnancy Announcements 

For all you world travelers.

pregnancy announcement for travelers@rindalaakl


And you Disney World travelers!

disney pregnancy announcement @theryanhilliard


Golfing Pregnancy Announcements

What a cute custom golf ball announcement. Make your own if you're crafty or reach out to @nowthatspersonal and have them whip some up for you!

golfing pregnancy announcement@nowthatspersonal


Hockey Pregnancy Announcement

One got past the goalie. The great one! 

hockey pregnancy announcement @_kayleemarieee


The Office Pregnancy Announcements

Fact, babies are cuter than bears.

the office pregnancy announcement@mcparrish7


Game Of Thrones Pregnancy Announcements

Winter is coming...

game of thrones pregnancy announcement@sushiman808


game of thrones baby announcement @auroralove23


Pokemon Pregnancy Announcement

pokemon pregnancy announcement @4ever_marisol


Dragon Ball Z Pregnancy Announcement

Dragon Ball Z Pregnancy Announcement@kittienightbreed


The Flintstones Pregnancy Announcement

flintstone pregnancy announcement@sgregoryfit


Beach Pregnancy Announcements

Beach please...

pregnancy announcement for boaters@jessicaireneswensen


surfing pregnancy announcement@mariapessanha


Gamer Pregnancy Announcements

Loading player 3...

video game pregnancy announcement @irina.gen


super mario pregnancy announcement@disney_amore


Music Lover Pregnancy Announcements

Guns N Roses baby!

music lover pregnancy announcement @teeheeandiee


Movie Buff Pregnancy Announcements

cute pregnancy announcement for movie lovers@bykatinka_graphic


Jurassic Park Pregnancy Announcements

Life finds a way :)

 jurassic park pregnancy announcement@gingerjaley artwork by @artbyjordyg


jurassicpark pregnancy announcement @caideans


Toy Story Pregnancy Announcement

You've got a friend in me. Quite literally...

toy story pregnancy announcement@taylorwulff


Star Wars Pregnancy Announcement 

star wars pregnancy announcement @iheartdisneyland


Harry Potter Pregnancy Announcements

For all you mugbloods out there!

harry potter pregnancy announcement @trishhroy


harry potter baby announcement@kimklovely


 Lego Pregnancy Announcement 

lego pregnancy announcement


Cute Older Sibling Pregnancy Announcements

 book pregnancy announcement @chels.laurent


super hero pregnancy announcement@lou_g69


Painter Pregnancy Announcement

bob ross pregnancy announcement



Coffee Pregnancy Announcement

barista pregnancy announcement@morag_na


Spill The Beans Pregnancy Announcement

Spilling the beans, literally.

spilling the beans pregnancy announcement @sassychic23


spill the beans pregnancy announcement@tiffany_paige25


Military Pregnancy Announcements

Support the troops!

pilot pregnancy announcement@lainybugsdesigns


military pregnancy announcement@briannablalockwebb_


Miniature Things Pregnancy Announcements

miniature things pregnancy announcement@denaiyas_diary


Quaint Pregnancy Announcements

buy buy baby pregnancy announcement@ab.pixx


chalkboard pregnancy announcement @pour.un.enfant.heureux


Lewd (But Cute) Pregnancy Announcements

The rest speak for themselves! 

funny pregnancy announcement@chrisattee


bun in the oven pregnancy announcement @lalaelsie @makeupatlast


netflix and chill pregnancy announcement@kym_radke


pull out pregnancy announcement@lord_helpme


A special thanks to all those who contributed photos, and in turn made this blog post possible!

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