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10 Signs That You're Over Being Pregnant

10 Signs That You're Over Being Pregnant
Pregnancy is a beautiful, miraculous journey… but can I be done yet?
If you're near the end of your third trimester, you're probably sick of being pregnant and ready for that baby to come out now! Here are some things you might find relatable if you are over being pregnant.
  1. You stop dressing up.

All those cute maternity clothes? Yeah, they don't fit so well anymore. I'm too tired and don't care enough to buy more clothes just to have for a couple of weeks. It's time to get creative in the closet. If it fits, I'm wearing it!

pregnant lying down


  1. You're hoping for a contraction.

Movement in your belly? Is the baby kicking? Cramp? Gas? Hiccups? Whatever it might really be, you are secretly wishing it's a contraction! The slightest sensation has you hoping that D-day has come. Just make sure it's the real thing and not Braxton Hicks before you rush to the hospital. 


labor contraction

  1. You resent your bladder.

You're probably wondering how it is even humanly possible to pee this many times in one day. Even when you cough, sneeze, or laugh too hard, you pee! Damn you, bladder!

frequent urination

  1. You stop trying to shave.

This is a no brainer. Who cares about hairy legs right now? I can't see below the waist, so it's not really bothering me. Shaving is just a social construct anyway, right?

pregnant in bathtub

  1. You ask other people to put on your shoes for you.

If I could wear flip-flops every day, I would. This doesn't exactly work in the winter or when you're working a professional job. My husband now puts my shoes on for me because it will take me three times as long if I do it myself.

feet up pregnant

  1. You've taken off all your rings.

Swollen hands and feet? By week 38, I officially put my wedding band away for safe keeping. You might consider investing in some cheap shoes too if you don’t want any of your good pairs to be stretched out when you go to wear them again post baby.

feet and hands

  1. You're constantly in the baby's room.

Ever hear of nesting? It's the urge to clean, organize, and re-organize as preparation for baby's arrival. I spend a lot of time re-arranging items in the nursery, trying to make everything look as nice as possible. Sometimes I just peek in the room to remind myself how soon a new baby will be here.


  1. Everything is an insult.

You can tell me I'm beautiful, you can tell me I'm glowing, but at the end of the day, there's no right thing you can say to me (sorry). Mood swings are in full effect! Any mention of my physical appearance is just a reminder that I'm still pregnant and I'm not here for it. 

Here is a list of other things every pregnant woman is sick of hearing.


pregnant annoyed

  1. You let it all hang out.

The bump is out with no shame! When I’m not at work, I’m at my house in granny panties and a comfy tank that I’m actually rocking as a crop top. Any comfort I can get.

pregnant belly

  1. You've stopped worrying about how bad child birth will hurt.

At one point, the thought of giving birth for the first time scared the hell out of me. I am no longer that concerned. Worrying has never really solved any problems anyway… so I’m not going to stress about things out of my control. Get this baby out!

woman giving birth



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