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Outie Belly Button During Pregnancy

Outie Belly Button During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can have some strange symptoms and effects that women may not know about. One of them is having your belly button pop out as your belly expands and your skin stretches. 


Don’t worry; this is completely normal. Read on to find out more about this interesting pregnancy phenomenon.


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  • When Does Your Belly Button Pop Out During Pregnancy?
  • Why Do Belly Buttons Pop Out During Pregnancy?
  • Do All Pregnant Women's Belly Buttons Pop Out?
  • Can I Stop My Belly Button From Popping Out During Pregnancy?
  • Will My Belly Button Go Back To Normal After Pregnancy?

outie belly button during pregnancy

When Does Your Belly Button Pop Out During Pregnancy?

Your belly button may pop late in the second trimester or early in the third trimester. It can happen earlier than this as well. It is a common belief in society that when your belly button pops out during pregnancy, it means that your baby is getting ready to come out of the proverbial “oven.” However, this is not necessarily true and it most likely does not mean your baby is ready to be born. If you have an early outie belly button, do not be concerned that it means you will deliver prematurely. This may happen by coincidence, but it is not a reliable sign of readiness.


Outie belly buttons are more likely to occur earlier with each subsequent pregnancy, as the skin has been stretched in the past. It is also possible that it may not happen at all during one pregnancy, but will with other pregnancies. It all just depends on how your body reacts each time. There is no cause for alarm either way. If you are waiting for your belly button to pop to know when your baby is getting ready to meet the world, it doesn’t exactly work that way.


Why Do Belly Buttons Pop Out During Pregnancy?

As your baby grows and your uterus expands, tissue and organs beneath your skin can exert increasing pressure on your belly button. Your belly button does not have muscle covering it, so it is easily pushed out. It is a fairly simple explanation, but the first time it happens, it can really take you by surprise, especially if no one ever told you this was a thing.


Do All Pregnant Women's Belly Buttons Pop Out?

No. Not all pregnant women will experience this, just as not all women experience morning sickness, insomnia, or any number of other symptoms during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a grab bag; you never know what you’re going to get. Even if you’ve been though pregnancy before, your experience can vary greatly from one pregnancy to the next.


For some, their belly button will basically stay the same. For others, it may pop out so much that it will prominently show through their clothing. It may also change throughout pregnancy; for instance, it may pop out in the second trimester and then completely flatten by the third trimester. Even someone with an outie belly button to begin with may see it get even more pronounced, stay the same, or flatten.


Whether or not you get to experience this symptom will not change anything with your baby and how he or she is growing and thriving. It’s just one of those little things some women will deal with while others will not.


Can I Stop My Belly Button From Popping Out During Pregnancy?

Unfortunately, even if you’re worried about this happening, you will not be able stop this any more than you can stop the baby from kicking you or stop your hormones from going crazy. This is just one of those slightly annoying things you will have to deal with for a while. Some people find it fascinating (your partner or toddler may even love to push on it playfully), but others may not like it and feel uncomfortable about it.


Some women can’t help but be disgusted or shocked by it and are desperate to somehow prevent it from occurring or to make it go away. If this is you, understand that your feelings are valid. It doesn’t make you a bad person or mom if you just can’t get yourself to embrace every bizarre thing your body goes through during pregnancy and beyond. It’s not always pretty and sometimes pregnancy can be hard to handle. Remember that women are amazing and go through so much for their babies. If it really bothers you, talk to your doctor for reassurance that it is completely normal or vent to your friends for support.


If having it show through clothing makes you self-conscious, there are some things you can try to minimize it. Try covering it with a bandage or a belly button cover made specifically for this purpose. You can also flatten it somewhat with a supportive maternity camisole or maternity leggings underneath your main shirt (or use both). It may still show a bit, but most people will understand that you are pregnant and this is just part of it. They are not going to be as worried about it as you might think and probably won’t even notice.  If you had an innie belly button previously, the skin that was not exposed before might be sensitive, at least at first, and it may itch or cause discomfort when it rubs on clothing. Using a moisturizer and/or covering it with a bandage my help with this problem.


Will My Belly Button Go Back To Normal After Pregnancy?

The good news is that for most women, the belly button will return to normal just a few months after pregnancy.


If it does not return to normal and it concerns you, you should talk to your doctor. Most cases will be harmless and cosmetic, with that said in rarer cases an umbilical hernia may arise which will require medical attention.


Try your best to love your new body, different belly button and all. You are a warrior and these changes can be considered badges of honor, the marks of a woman who sacrificed so much to bring an amazing little life into this world. 

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