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Morning Sickness Remedies 11 Things You Can Do To Combat Nausea

Morning Sickness Remedies 11 Things You Can Do To Combat Nausea

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Morning Sickness a.k.a. Pregnancy Nausea

If you've just discovered you're pregnant, there's a good chance you'll soon fall into one of the following categories... sick (constant nausea) or extremely sick (constant nausea coupled with vomiting) that sorry to break it to you, is not confined to the morning alone. Here are some tips to help alleviate your symptoms and manage your well-being.


11 Morning Sickness Remedies

  1. Hydrate. A lack of water is often the cause of your nausea while pregnant. While in-taking fluids may not be on top of your do to list, most professionals agree that you should be consuming roughly two liters (68 oz.) of fluid per day throughout your pregnancy. I made it a point to drink two Nalgene bottles per day. This took out all of the guesswork and helped to keep my body's fluids hovering around a healthy level for combating sickness.

  2. Gatorade. If water is too bland for your taste, I suggest you give Gatorade or another electrolyte supplement a try. These types of drinks can be advantageous throughout your pregnancy. Many women find gatorade is easier on their stomachs than water. It can also provide you with energy that might have been lost from not eating.

  3.  Ginger ale. Whether you are vomiting or just nauseous, Ginger ale is widely recognized as a simple, at-home remedy to ease your discomfort. The carbonation paired with ginger will soothe your stomach quicklyjust like your mother told you. However, remember to take small sips at a time to avoid upsetting your digestive system. 

  4. Preggie Pop Drops. Having aversions to what feels like all food? These candy suckers are actually easy to consume. Having something sweet when you feel like you can't eat anything is a win in my book. If you want something with more of a promising medical reputation, I recommend tummy drops (the natural ginger flavor). They're not as yummy, but they work.

  5. Crackers. While trying to avoid sickness, I abstained from any foods with a powerful flavor or smell. I could only seem to manage carb-heavy, salty, foods, so crackers were an easy choice. Saltines never tasted so deliciouswhich is how I knew I hadn't eaten much lately. Pick your own personal preference of cracker brands to get some food in your belly. Also, foods high in starch are known to absorb gastric acid if you are throwing up. 

  6. Ginger TeaIt may not be as tasty as ginger ale, but it is definitely better for you, as it contains more ginger and less sugar. Not only does it alleviate nausea but it also boosts your immune system.

  7. Smelling Lemons. During my first pregnancy, I was throwing up whenever I was the passenger in a car for a prolonged period of time. My doctor suggested cutting up lemons, putting them in a bag, and inhaling the scent. According to recent studies, many pregnant women can back this theory saying it suppressed vomiting and nausea! Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

  8.  Breathe. Sound too obvious? It's true. Controlled breathing is said to relax your nervous system and get oxygen to your body, relieving stress and feelings of nausea. Take the time to mellow out. Take slow, deep breaths. If it doesn't work for you, at least it didn't cost you anything.  

  9. Vitamin B6.  Since B6 is vital for a healthy pregnancy, most prenatal vitamins actually already contain it. However, if you are suffering from constant morning sickness, you should ask your doctor about taking an additional supplement. If you're able to keep your meals down, there are also plenty of foods that naturally contain B6 such as turkey, chicken, chickpeas, bananas, avocados, potatoes, etc.

  10. Exercise. I won't lie... the last thing I wanted to do is move from my warm, comfy bed during my first trimester... and I was a big advocate for exercise prior to my first pregnancy! But it's not easy when you feel depleted. With that said, low-impact exercises can relieve stress and serve as a nice distraction to all the new (and scary) symptoms you are experiencing. Go on a walk if the weather is nice and see how you feel. Everyone is different and certainly listen to what your body is telling you. 

  11. Avoid Fatty Foods. Fact: fatty foods aggravate the stomach. This put me in quite the predicament since the only food I craved most days was McDonalds' chicken nuggets. A girls gotta eat, but truly, you should stay away from the fatty foods if you can—it's not worth it. 


I hope this list helps you future moms out there! Feel free to leave any comments about your experiences dealing with nausea and morning sickness. 


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