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How To Be Supportive During Labor | 11 Ways To Support Your Wife

How To Be Supportive During Labor | 11 Ways To Support Your Wife
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It's extremely common for husbands to feel helpless in the delivery room. Though you can't physically help your wife push out a baby, there are plenty of things you can do to make the experience go a little easier for us.
Ladies, make sure you share this post with your husbands, or whoever is the designated person that will be helping you through your birth plan. 
Dear husbands, this one is for you!

11 Ways To Support Your Wife During Labor


I’m not talking about having a first-aid kit... I’m talking MENTALLY prepared. The last thing your wife needs is a frantic husband who panics on the way to the hospital or one who is skeeved out by the nature of labor. Do some research beforehand so you know what to expect. It will make your wife way more comfortable to know that you are ready for anything.

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You may have heard the saying, “sleep when the baby sleeps,” well during labor, this rule applies to your wife. You can sleep when she sleeps, but otherwise, don’t let her do this thing alone. Stay up and keep her company. She'll appreciate the gesture, trust me.

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Labor can get frustrating and frightening quickly. Please don’t panic (even if you’re nervous on the inside). Keep a cool head and tell your wife everything is going to be OK. Your words and actions will be the most encouraging during labor.

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There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to childbirth. Hopefully, you’ve talked about a birth plan prior to the big day, but when it comes to certain decisions, your wife should really have the last say.

For example, the epidural should be up to her. If she wants you to stand by her head during the delivery, then that’s what you do.



Depending on the hospital you’re in, they may not let your wife eat during labor. Some hospitals will let you eat, but you’re limited to, popsicles, Jell-O, water, ice chips, and iced tea. The point is, if you are eating pizza in the seat next to her, your wife might strangle you. If you need to eat something, go do it in the waiting room.

Then, after the baby is born, you get your lady WHATEVER SHE WANTS to eat.

pregnant woman eating food


This may seem like a given, but it’s still very important. No matter how tough your wife is, holding her hand is the perfect way to show your support. When it comes time to push, having you right by her side will give her the confidence to keep going.

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Be around and ready to supply your lady with whatever she needs. Get her ice chips, call the nurses, change the TV channel, adjust the temperature, dim the lights…

if she asks for it, be a doll and deliver it.

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Document the big day! Your wife will probably be way too preoccupied to take photos (plus she’ll probably feel insecure and might not be all about it). It’s your job to capture the moment anyway. I promise, she will be glad you did.

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There’s a lot of waiting around during labor, especially when it’s your first child. Keep your wife entertained and definitely keep her distracted once the contractions start to worsen. Tell her a story, read her the news, find a good movie to watch, bring her a magazine, or maybe even play some cards together.
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Moments after your baby is born, you’ll be prompted to cut the umbilical cord, if you want to do so. It’s an exciting and traditional way to show your involvement in the delivery process as well as a celebratory gesture that your new one is finally here!

umbilical cord


When it’s all said and done, a simple “I’m proud of you” goes a long way. Seriously, rejoice as a couple in all the glory of surviving pregnancy and childbirth. You guys did it and should be grateful to one another. A little gift never hurt anyone either.

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Though you can't physically take the place of your loved one during delivery, you can be her pillar of encouragement. It takes both physical and mental strength to endure the crazy ride of labor, and your support is more helpful than you think!

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