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Hair Changes During Pregnancy

Hair Changes During Pregnancy

Are you recently pregnant and noticing any unwanted symptoms? Bloating, morning sickness, general “bleh” feeling, perhaps? Well, let me just tell you, it gets even weirder than that.


Did you know you can go through a lot of hormone changes that affect your hair? Maybe you’ve already experienced some of these!


Let’s look at some questions surrounding hair changes during pregnancy, so we can explain any symptoms you might experience!


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Is it common for your hair to get thicker when you’re pregnant?

During pregnancy, you’ve got a lot of positive growth hormones pumping through your body in order to help your baby grow. This also means that parts of your body are going to go through hormonal changes and behave differently than normal. Have you had symptoms that reminded you of your awkward puberty symptoms? Sorry about that, but it can be similar sometimes. The hormonal changes are going to be affecting your skin, hair, nails, and the rest of your body.


So, is it normal for your hair to become thicker when you’re pregnant? Absolutely!


The hormone changes usually lead to thicker-looking hair because your hair is going through a ramped up growth stage during pregnancy, instead of a resting stage. Lots of hair growth means that it’s common to get a thicker, volumized look to your hair and it’s all natural!


However, don’t worry- thicker doesn’t always mean poofy, frizzy, and hard to manage. In my first pregnancy, my normally overly-volumized and unmanageable mane became smoother and shinier. While it’s common to get more hair, the texture can vary widely. Some women say that pregnancy caused oily, greasy hair, while others say it helped get it perfectly moisturized. Whatever is true for you, hair thickness and texture changes may affect your normal hair care routine. Keep in mind that you may need to change hair care products a few times to get the hair look, feel, and quality you’re used to!

 thick hair pregnancy


Is it normal to have more facial hair or body hair?

Remember those positive growth hormones we talked about? They don’t just affect the hair on your head. Be prepared to have to shave your legs more often than usual. When I was pregnant, I had to shave my legs every other day or so (until I couldn’t bend over to do it)!


Don’t be self-conscious about the extra body or facial hair- all pregnant women go through awkward symptoms like this. Good tips to combat unwanted hair growth are frequent shaving, tweezing, laser hair removal, and even wearing clothing that covers your arms and legs if those are problem areas. This is pretty easy during the winter. Now, if you’re pregnant during the summer, you could try wearing a maxi dress with a thin bolero… or everyone else could get over the fact that you’re a little hairy because it’s summer and you’re pregnant. You know, embrace the natural look.

 pregnant woman shaving legs


What else can happen to my hair when I’m pregnant?

So we’ve already talked about extra hair growth leading to thicker hair and, potentially, more body and facial hair. What else could possible happen to my hair?

  1. Texture changes

Your hair can go through some changes in texture. This really encompasses the whole spectrum of how your hair can feel. Brittle and dry, greasy and oily, smooth and luxurious, you name it. It honestly just depends on the person.

  1. Quality changes

Changes in the quality of how your hair appears are similar to texture and thickness changes. Many pregnant women report that their hair looks “shinier” overall and maybe even “healthier”, so hopefully that is something that you have to look forward to.

  1. Color and tone changes

Some women have said that going through pregnancy has made their hair change color! This could mean that the stress of growing another human being inside of you causes you to add a few gray or silver hairs, but sometimes it affects the overall color of new hair growth too. Blonde hair can turn dark blonde or light brown, medium brown hair can get a more “chocolate” quality to the tone, you just never know!

 pregnant woman healthy hair


Are the hair changes permanent?

Don’t be alarmed for a fast departure of all the hair changes in the postpartum period. Some women say that their hair never changed back, but a lot of them notice a gradual return to regular hair appearance, quality, texture, growth, and even color after pregnancy.


Do not freak out if your hair starts falling out! You aren’t losing your mind or going bald- your body is just reverting to the resting stage of hair growth and it’s losing all the extra hair you just got.


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