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How To Throw A Gender Reveal Party

How To Throw A Gender Reveal Party

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A gender reveal party is a relatively new tradition where the mom and dad-to-be host a get-together for the purpose of revealing the sex of their baby to friends and family...

Actually, most of the time, couples will leave the surprise for themselves too by having a designated “keeper of the gender.” 

Below is everything you need to know about throwing a gender reveal party.


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How Does A Gender Reveal Party Work?

When it comes time to finding out the gender of your baby at the OB/GYN, you will be asked, “do you want to know the sex?” 

If you are keeping it a surprise for yourself, ask your doctor or midwife to write down the sex and put it in a sealed envelope. They are used to this request, so don’t feel weird!

You will give the envelope to the "keeper of the gender" who is the person entrusted with knowing the secret of the sex! They will be in charge of the big reveal so that the couple doesn’t find out the gender until the big moment... whatever that may be. For example, if you are getting a cake with either pink or blue filling, the keeper of the gender will be the one to call the bakery and let them know if it's a boy or girl. 

gender reveal cake

How To Plan A Gender Reveal Party

Decide the Venue: these parties are typically low-key. If you are doing a messy reveal, you might want to keep the party outside. A backyard bash or BBQ is perfect if the weather permits. You could even go to your local park! If it’s too cold to be outdoors, consider a house party or booking a private dining room at a restaurant. 

Pick a Date: once you know where you would like to host your party, find an available date that works for you and your closest friends. Make sure to give guests a few weeks notice!

Order Food: if you are hosting a house party, figure out catering options. If you are hosting a barbecue, be prepared and go to the grocery store for all your grilling needs. 

Guest List and Invitations:

Date: check

Time: check

Location: check…

OK, so now who is invited?

Again, the gender reveal party does not have to be an extravagant event; on the contrary, these parties are more intimate. Invite your closest friends and family! You can create a Facebook event or send out invitations in the mail.

Decorations: order pink and blue decorations! You can even pick a more specific theme if you'd like... some options include:

  • He or She? What will it be?
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (how I wonder what you are...)
  • Waddle it be? (penguin themed)
  • What will it bee? (bumblebee themed)
  • Prince or Princess?
pink confetti

When Should I Throw A Gender Reveal Party?

Typically, women don’t find out the gender of the baby until their 20 week ultrasound appointment. With that said, many women are finding out earlier through a blood testas early as 10 weeks pregnant. You can host the party as soon as you feel comfortable celebrating your bundle of joy with the world. Some women wait until their third trimester and combine the baby gender reveal with their actual baby shower.

pink and blue onesie

What Do You Do At A Gender Reveal Party?

Well, besides eat, drink, and be merry, you REVEAL the gender of your baby (usually in some dramatic fashion). Below are 10 fun and creative ways to let out the big surprise:



Buy a black, opaque balloon and fill it with either blue/pink confetti or sparkles. Pop the balloon with a pin or dart.

blue and pink sparkles



Get one pink balloon and one blue balloon. Have the keeper of the gender poke a small hole in the opposite gender of what the couple is having. Mom and Dad-to-be will each try to blow up the balloons at the same time. The color balloon that actually fills with air is the sex!

pink balloon gender reveal



Order a piñata with candy all in one color: pink or blue!




Use dessert! Order cake, cupcakes, or cake pops, with the color filling that matches the gender.

gender reveal cupcake



Release a smoke bomb. This fun party item was meant for this purpose. This option should only be used outside of course. 

pink smoke bomb



Decorate a large box, however you’d like. Have the keeper of the gender fill the box with either pink or blue balloons. The couple will open the box together and watch the balloons fly.

Or you could go in the opposite direction: fill a balloon drop bag, and let them fall from the ceiling!

boy or girl box



Fill an opaque water gun with either pink or blue paint. At the same time, the couple aims and fires at a blank canvas… or the couple could wear white t-shirts and shoot each other! Some people have used empty eggs shells to fill with paint and throw those instead! 

blue water gun



Speaking of getting messy, the keeper of the gender can order either pink or blue silly string to spray!

silly string



Like to gamble? You can buy “lottery” scratch off tickets that reveal either boy or girl... AND this idea is awesome because all the guests can participate.

scratch off ticket



Buy a clear storage container and fill it with water. Drop a color changing bath bomb into the container and watch it turn pink or blue!

blue bath bomb

Do I Need To Have Games At A Gender Reveal Party?

Not at all. Games or not necessary for a gender reveal, but if you want, you could do a guessing game of some sort. One idea is to have guests wear pink or blue bead necklaces based on their guess!

gender reveal party


Do People Bring Gifts To A Gender Reveal Party?

Although guests are allowed to do as they please, it is not customary to bring a gift to a gender reveal. If this is a baby shower/gender reveal combined, then yes, people should bring gifts. 

pink and blue decorations


How Is A Gender Reveal Different From A Baby Shower

For starters, a mom-to-be does not host her own baby shower, but couples typically throw their own gender reveal party. People are not required to bring gifts as mentioned before (there is no registry). Also, the gender reveal is a smaller event and you can have a gender reveal party for every baby, not just your first one. Whereas the cute/cheesy baby games are expected at a baby shower, a gender reveal is more about hanging out. 


Unique Items For A Gender Reveal Party

team girl and team boy

Below are 5 funny and interesting finds that will make your gender reveal party a little more special!

1. Have your guests choose a team with these Team Girl and Team Boy wristbandsstickers or sunglasses.

2. Create a buffet of delicious candy treats. Stock the candy bar with pink and blue lollipops, Hershey's kisses, M&Ms, and rock candy pops.

3. This shirt will make everyone giggle, and it's not a lie: I’m here for the sex.

4. Thank the special person who has kept the sex of your baby a secret with this "Keeper of the Gender" shirt

5. Make your party more lively by having a photo booth. Here is an adorable gender reveal backdrop people can use for a photo shoot. 

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