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The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist for First Time Moms

The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist for First Time Moms

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The feeling of creating a baby registry can either be extremely exciting or extremely overwhelming. There is no in-between.

I distinctly remember my sister (who was throwing my baby shower) becoming frustrated with me because I only registered for about 10 items and claimed to be done. She told me to ADD MORE, but I had no idea what I needed! 

Now that I've lived through it, I feel confident I can share with you the items you'll need to feel ready for your baby's big debut.

Below, is the ultimate checklist that includes your must-haves, good-to-haves, and the non-essentials.

 baby supplies



  1. Infant Stroller Travel System Including infant car seat

      • If you get a whole travel system, you will get a car seat, matching base, and stroller all-in-one. If you and your partner have two cars, I recommend registering for an extra car seat base. 

  2. Hand Sanitizer

      • You will want a few portable sizes and at least one large size.
  3. Crib

  4. Crib Mattress
  5. Crib Sheets - Multiple
  6. Crib Waterproof Pads - At least 2
  7. Changing Table Pad - Everyone will need a changing table pad, but not everyone will need a changing table

    • Some moms buy a new dresser with a built in changing table.
    • Some moms buy a changing table tray and place it on top of an existing dresser, and then the pad goes in the tray.
    • Some moms buy only the changing table pad and place that on top of an existing dresser. (Because I'm a saver, I went with this option. The tray isn't really necessary, but looks nice.) 
  8. Changing Table Pad Covers Multiple

    • Make sure you look for the covers with the wipeable material in the center and the soft cotton panels on the sides (skip the 100% cotton covers because they get dirty much faster).
  9. Milk Storage Bags - If you're breastfeeding

    Milk storage bags

  10. Swaddles - Pick the kind you prefer

    • My number one choice is the SwaddleMe Original Blankets. They are velcro and make swaddling super easy.
    • Next, I like the SwaddleMe Pods. These are also simple to use, but they are not as tight. They zip up the middle which is extremely convenient when changing diapers because you don't have to completely unswaddle the baby. 
    • Muslin Swaddle Blankets are also popular because the material is light and breathable. This is a safe choice for babies because they are less likely to overheat. However, they are large in size and thus more difficult to get the perfect swaddle (practice makes perfect).


  11. Bassinet

  12. Graco Pack 'n Play Portable Playard 
  13. Baby Shampoo, Soap, & Lotion
  14. Baby Towels
  15. Baby Bather

    baby bathtub

  16. Baby Comb
  17. Washcloths

      • The first couple of weeks, your newborn will still have his/her umbilical cord. This means you will need to give your baby a sponge bath until it falls off. You can buy a sponge or use baby washcloths. 
  18. Baby Bottles

    • Whether you are breastfeeding or using formula, you'll want infant bottles. Not all babies take the bottle graciously, but if yours will, it will... ONE: give your nipples a break, and TWO: give dad or whomever an opportunity to bond with the baby.
  19. Bottle Drying Rack

    • You want to keep your baby bottles and pumping equipment separate from any family dishes.
  20. Baby Bottle Brush

    Baby bottle brush

  21. Portable Diaper Changing Kit
  22. DockATot Deluxe+

    • You can pick any baby lounger you prefer, but honestly, the DockATot has proven to be the best in our household. (We prefer it to the Boppy!)
  23. Infants' Tylenol Pain - For teething time
  24. Diaper Rash Ointment
  25. Portable Diaper Bag Dispenser with Bags
  26. Baby Wipes
  27. Diapers
  28. Diaper Bag

    • I recommend ordering a unisex bag so dad feels comfortable carrying it around. 

    diaper bag

  29. Diaper Pail or Diaper Genie
  30. Nursing Pads

    • Whether you are nursing or not, you will have leaking breasts!
  31. Lanolin - If you're breastfeeding
  32. Baby Car Mirror - Ask for 2 if you're using 2 cars
  33. Baby Burp Cloths
  34. Bibs


  35. Video Baby Monitor
  36. NoseFrida

    • It's a baby nasal aspirator AKA a miracle worker.
  37. Pacifiers

    • Make sure you get newborn sizes.
  38. Teether

  39. High Chair or Hook-On Table Chair
  40. Baby Formula - If you are using formula

    • You don't want to register for too much formula though because you never know if your baby will have sensitivity issues to certain kinds, in which case you'll need to change brands. 
    • Even if you're breastfeeding, it's not a bad idea to have just a little bit of formula in the house for supplementation or "in case of emergencies."
  41. Baby Thermometer
  42. Breast Milk Saver - If you're breastfeeding

    • When you breastfeed, BOTH breasts are stimulated, so whichever breast you're not nursing with will leak milk. A milk saver collects the milk from your non-nursing side. Save every drop!
    • I used Milkies Milk-Saver Breast Milk Collector, but there are other brands out there that I'm sure are fine too.
  43. Bottle Warmer

    • Not all babies will take the bottle, or it could just be that they don't want cold milk. My baby had no issues with the bottle after we warmed it up a little bit. A bottle warmer saves you valuable time opposed to waiting for a pot of water to boil. 
  44. Nursing Pillow and Positioner - If you're breastfeeding

    nursing pillow

  45. Humidifier
  46. Baby Carrier

    • There are many types of carriers out there. You may want to choose one that both you and your partner like, or get one of each! These are the two I own:

    baby carrier

  47. Developmental Entertainer Walker
  48. Portable Baby Swing or Rocker
  49. Bumbo Floor Seat
  50. Infinity Nursing Scarf - If you're breastfeeding

    • This is good for the nursing mom who still wants to cover up in public. 
  51. Shopping Cart Seat Cover and Seat Positioner
  52. Baby Plates, Bowls, & Silverware

    baby silverware

  53. Pacifier Clips

    • These are so you don't have to worry about pacifiers hitting the floor! There are awesome clips out there that come with silicone teething beads attached.
  54. White Noise Machine


    So when I say "not to," I don't mean that you won't need them, but you just don't need to add them to your registry because you'll either get them anyway or get hand-me-downs... and then some things are just best to buy for yourself (if you want them).

  55. Mobile for Crib


  56. Blankets
  57. Stuffed Animals

  58. Clothes

    • Socks, shoes, mittens, onesies—people can't resist buying you this stuff, even if you don't ask for it. 
  59. Baby Books

    stuffed animal

  60. Rocking Chair
  61. Nursery Decor

      • Worry about the baby essentials. You can always decorate later.
  62. Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket

    • How will you document your baby's milestones? Chalkboard? Felt Letter Board? Milestone blanket? There are a ton of adorable options out there!
  63. Night Light

  64. Hamper
  65. Headbands, Hats, and/or Bows

Where To Start A Baby Registry?

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