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20 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Week By Week

20 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Week By Week


You’ve done it! You’ve reached 20 weeks -- the halfway point of your pregnancy! This is an exciting time because you should be having your mid-pregnancy anatomy scan this week, so you may find out if you’re having a boy or a girl – if you’re choosing to find out that is! You can start choosing baby names, pick out a color or theme for the baby’s nursery, and you can start stocking up on necessary baby essentials like diapers and clothes.

At 20 weeks pregnant, your baby is as big as a banana! Baby is about 6.5 inches long and weighs around 10.2 ounces! If you remember, last week your baby measured about 8.5 ounces, which means your little one gained almost 2 whole ounces in a week!



Wouldn’t it be nice if now that you’re 20 weeks pregnant, all the pregnancy symptoms would go away and leave you to enjoy the second half of your pregnancy carefree and in comfort? Oh, if only we all lived in a dream world, right? Sorry to break it to you, but you’ll likely experience some uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms at 20 weeks. Just keep reminding yourself that all these pregnancy symptoms are worth putting up with to get to the result – your precious little baby.

  • Leg cramps. Oh, the joys of pregnancy. Leg cramps are inevitable, unfortunately. You can help relieve the tightness and pain by doing leg stretches and drinking plenty of water.
  • Vaginal discharge. Par for the course during pregnancy. Vaginal discharge may increase, so stocking up on pantiliners is probably a good idea. While annoying, the vaginal discharge actually serves a purpose. It helps to keep your vagina clear of bacteria that can cause infections. If you notice the discharge has a foul odor or is yellow or green instead of white or clear, contact your OB.
  • Heartburn. Heartburn and indigestion occur because your digestive system is getting crowded due to your growing baby taking up more and more room. Try to steer clear of foods that are acidic or spicy as those are the main culprits of heartburn and indigestion.
  • Swelling. A little swelling in your feet (and sometimes hands) is normal and should go away after resting and propping up your feet for a bit. If the swelling comes on suddenly or is severe, this could signal a problem, so contact your OB right away.
  • Increased energy. Finally, a good You may notice a little surge in energy. Enjoy it while you can because once the third trimester hits, you’re going to have a lot less of it!
  • Shortness of breath. You may find it hard to catch your breath at times. This is normal. It happens because your lungs are running out of room to expand properly due to your growing uterus getting in their way. Rest as much as possible and don’t overexert yourself.



Your belly is growing by the day, and starting at 20 weeks pregnant, your doctor should begin measuring your belly. The doctor will measure the fundal height of your belly, which goes from your pubic bone to the top of your uterus. The fundal height should be within a centimeter or two of the number of weeks pregnant you are. For instance, at 20 weeks pregnant, your fundal height should fall between 18 and 22 centimeters. If the fundal height is measuring too large or too small, this could signal a problem such as insufficient growth, gestational diabetes, a breech baby, or an issue with too much or too little amniotic fluid. If the fundal height measurement doesn’t fall where it should, further testing will be required to determine the issue.

If you’re pregnant with multiples, your doctor will probably not measure the fundal height of your belly. This is simply because it wouldn’t be an accurate measurement since there is more than one baby growing in there. Instead, your doctor will focus more on your weight gain. For a woman pregnant with multiples, average weight gain in the second half of pregnancy should be one to two pounds per week, which isn’t much difference from a singleton pregnancy.



This should be the week you have your mid-pregnancy anatomy scan. However, you may have already had it, or it might be coming up soon. The anatomy scan may be performed at any time between 18 and 22 weeks, so if this isn’t your week and you haven’t had it yet, your time is coming!

During the anatomy scan, the ultrasound technician and your OB will look at the baby’s brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, and everything in between to determine that there are no issues and that everything is growing and developing right on track.

You may also find out if you’re having a boy or girl during the 20 weeks pregnant ultrasound – as long as the baby cooperates and lets the tech get a good view between its legs! Some babies are stubborn and keep their legs crossed or lie in a position that doesn’t allow a good view. However, most babies cooperate, so don’t worry that yours won’t just yet!

Your baby’s taste buds are working this week and he or she is drinking a few ounces of amniotic fluid every day.



Since you’re mid-way through your pregnancy, it’s a great time to get a head start on getting things prepared for the baby’s arrival. It’s also a great time to start tossing around names and even thinking about your birth plan. Other things you should be doing at 20 weeks pregnant include:

  1. Start your baby registry. Chances are likely that someone you know is going to throw you a baby shower within the next couple of months, so head over to your favorite baby store and start a baby registry. That way people who want to buy you gifts will know which things you’d like to have and/or the things you still need for the baby.
  2. Schedule your next appointment. Don’t forget to schedule your next OB appointment. This next appointment will be a good time to ask your doctor about anything new you have concerns about now that you’re into the second half of your pregnancy.



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