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16 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Week By Week

16 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Week By Week


At 16 weeks pregnant, you’re nearing the halfway mark of your pregnancy – just another month to go! If that isn’t exciting enough, 16 weeks is when many women feel their baby kick for the very first time. Yes, it’s awesome to feel your baby moving around inside your belly – at first. After a few thousand times of feeling a tiny little elbow jab you in your ribs or having a heel pound on your bladder (which makes you pee yourself, by the way) the awesomeness wears off…fast! Just so you know.

This week your baby is as big as an avocado! From head to toe, the baby measures 4.6 inches long and weighs about 3.5 ounces! Getting bigger by the week!



Have you noticed that each week one symptom seems to disappear only to be replaced by another equally annoying symptom? It’s kind of like those merry-go-rounds that a group of kids pile onto while another couple of kids spin it as fast as humanly possible. As it continues spinning, the kids try as hard as they can to hold on, but gravity does its job and, unable to hold on any longer, kids start getting flung off it. As one kid flies off, another kid jumps on. When the merry-go-round finally comes to a stop, there’s always that one kid sitting in the center (who avoided getting flung to his near death) who hobbles off and starts puking up his guts.

And that, dear mamas, is an (almost) accurate description of what pregnancy symptoms are like.  

So, with that image in your mind, here are the pregnancy symptoms you may experience in week 16:

  • Bigger breasts. By now, your boobs have probably gotten a cup size or two bigger. This is in preparation for breastfeeding your little one. If you’ve ever wanted bigger boobs, now’s your time to enjoy having them.
  • Forgetfulness. Often referred to as “pregnancy brain,” you may feel like you’re losing your mind at times. Whether it’s forgetting where you put your keys or choosing to wear a cute little sundress on a very windy day and then realizing (after it’s too late) that you forgot to put on underwear (oops!), forgetfulness is a common pregnancy symptom that has no known cause.
  • BackachesCarrying around that enlarging belly 24/7, it’s no wonder your back may begin to ache from time to time. It’s a normal side effect of pregnancy, and the achiness can be relieved by avoiding standing on your feet for too long at one time and stretching your back muscles with safe, low-impact exercises.
  • Constipation. No one, pregnant or not, enjoys being stopped up and unable to go number two, but when you’re pregnant, constipation can be a common occurrence due to your uterus putting pressure on your intestines. To help get your system going, make sure to include high-fiber foods in your meals each day.
  • Glowing skin. You’ve heard people talk about how pregnant women are glowing? Well, here it is – glowing skin. The reason is probably due to hormones, but really, if it enhances your looks, who cares what causes it!
  • Dry, itchy eyes. Another symptom in thanks to those pregnancy hormones. Use over-the-counter eye drops to give your eyes some relief!



At 16 weeks, you probably have a very noticeable baby bump. You may also begin to feel your baby kick! It’ll feel like little flutters at first, so you may not even notice it right away, but it won’t take too many times of it happening before realization dawns on you – the baby just kicked! As the days and weeks pass, those kicks will become stronger and there will be no mistaking what’s going on in that belly of yours!

You should be gaining 1 to 2 pounds a week at this point. Continue trying to stay away from unhealthy calories and eat nutrient-rich foods to maintain a healthy weight during your pregnancy. If there are any concerns about your weight, your doctor will be sure to discuss those concerns with you.



If you are lucky enough to have an ultrasound at 16 weeks pregnant, you just might be able to catch a glimpse of what’s between your baby’s legs – is it a boy or a girl? If you don’t have an ultrasound this week, you’ll have one sometime between 18 and 22 weeks.

In the 16th week of pregnancy, your baby can hear you talking. Talk to her, tell her stories, and even sing to her. Once you begin feeling her move, you might get a reaction from her if she likes (or dislikes for that matter) what she’s hearing!

Her hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows are growing, and her taste buds are developing, too. Although the baby can’t yet open her eyes, she can move her eyes from side to side. Your baby can also make a few facial expressions now like frowning and squinting.

The baby’s backbone and the muscles in her back are getting stronger so she can now straighten her neck and head more than she could just a week ago.



Here are a few suggestions of things you should be doing at 16 weeks pregnant:

  1. Schedule your anatomy scan. The anatomy scan is an ultrasound during which measurements will be taken of the baby, and her organs will be looked at to ensure they are growing properly and to see if there are any issues detected. This is also the ultrasound where most pregnant mamas find out if they’re having a boy or a girl. How exciting!
  2. Start thinking about your birth plan. You may want to start thinking about your birth plan – do you want an epidural? Do you want a water birth? Who do you want in the room with you?
  3. Keep taking your prenatal vitamins. It’s important to take your prenatal vitamins until the end of your pregnancy (and even after you give birth, especially if you’re breastfeeding).


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