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10 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Week By Week

10 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Week By Week


You’ve reached week 10 of your pregnancy and things are moving right along! You might be starting to show a little bit (finally, right?), which means it’s time to go shopping for some new clothes with a bit of give in them. At this stage, only buy a few things because as your belly continues to grow and you put on some extra weight in all the other places (it’s okay to groan about the latter!) you may need to adjust your clothing size a bit. Your clothing size may go up a size or two depending on how much weight you gain and how big that baby bump decides to get!

In week 10, baby is the size of a strawberry! The baby weighs about 0.14 ounces right now and measures around 1.2 inches long – still tiny but growing so fast!



The thing about pregnancy is that you kind of trade one symptom for another. For example, even though your morning sickness might be getting a little better by now, there’s going to be another symptom thrown at you to make up for it. That’s the best news you’ve heard all day, isn’t it? Sorry, but it’s true. Here are some symptoms that are common in the tenth week of pregnancy.

  • Morning sickness. You are probably still dealing with some nausea and vomiting, but hopefully it’s starting to get better. If it hasn’t yet, it should within the next few weeks. There is an end in sight!
  • Round ligament pain. Your uterus and abdomen are stretching to make room for your growing baby, which may cause you to feel some aches or cramping sensations. These can be painful, or you may not even notice them all that much. Just know that it’s normal, but if you have any concerns, bring them up with your OB.
  • Moodiness. Yeah, this symptom will probably stay with you for the entire pregnancy (and for a while after). Your hormones are all out of whack causing your emotions to fluctuate at the speed of light. Tell your loved ones to hang in there. You won’t be so moody forever!
  • Bigger boobs. The breast tenderness has probably gone away, but your boobs are getting bigger in preparation for breastfeeding your baby. You’ll either love it or hate it. Either way, get used to it because you may never see your original breast size again.
  • Vaginal discharge. You may notice an increase in clear, odorless vaginal discharge. This is normal and is called leukorrhea. It’s due to the increasing blood flow to your vagina from the pregnancy and from the rise in hormones, estrogen specifically. It’s annoying, but nothing to worry about unless you notice it’s tinged with blood, has changed in color, has an odor, or causes discomfort. Call your OB if you notice any of those changes.
  • Visible veins. You may notice the veins on your body are more noticeable. This is simply due to the increased blood flow to the baby.
  • Fatigue. You’re so very tired. All. The. Time. Your energy is depleted because your body is working so hard to grow your baby. You may also have trouble sleeping at night due to having strange dreams or from just being plain uncomfortable. Get as much rest as you can and be sure you’re eating nutrient-rich foods. The fatigue will get better before too long…at least for a little while.



At 10 weeks pregnant, that baby bump might be starting to make its appearance. This is the awkward stage of pregnancy. You can tell you’re pregnant, but others may think you’re just putting on a few extra pounds because your baby bump isn’t showing enough for them to know you’re pregnant. The exception to this is if you’re pregnant with twins. In that case, you just might be showing enough for others to tell!

In the first trimester, it’s usually recommended that women gain between three and five pounds. Your doctor will discuss weight gain with you and will let you know if you’re on track or if there’s something to worry about. It’s possible you may have lost some weight due to your morning sickness, however, so don’t be concerned about your weight at this point unless your doctor is!



You may or may not have an ultrasound at 10 weeks pregnant. If your first prenatal appointment is this week, then you probably will!

In the tenth week of pregnancy, the baby’s bones and cartilage are developing. The arm joints are formed and working, so you may see those little arms moving around if you have an ultrasound! The baby’s knees and ankles are beginning to develop, but at this point they look like small indentations on the legs. The organs are completely formed (and will continue to grow with your baby!) and are beginning to function. Fingernails are growing on those itty-bitty fingers, and hair is starting to sprout! Baby is even learning how to swallow right now!

There are a few genetic tests that you may have between 10 and 14 weeks pregnant that test for things like Down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities. Some of these tests are optional. Be sure to discuss these genetic tests with your doctor and weigh the pros and cons of having the testing done.



Here’s a list of things you should be doing at 10 weeks pregnant:

  1. Discuss genetic testing with your OB. Most genetic tests are optional and some of them carry risks to the pregnancy. Make sure you’re well-informed about the tests and the risks.
  2. Take prenatal vitamins. Your doctor has probably talked to you about the importance of taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid in them. Set a reminder on your phone so you don’t forget to take them!
  3. Shop for comfy clothes. Whether you opt for maternity clothes this soon or just go for slightly bigger and stretchy clothes is up to you. Either way, you’re not going to fit into your regular clothes much longer!



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