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Anna Name Meaning And Origin

Anna Name Meaning And Origin



Origin: German, Italian, Czech, Swedish

Meaning: Gracious

Pop Culture: There is beloved Disney character Princess Anna, sister of Elsa, from Frozen. You may also have seen the CW’s Supernatural featuring the character Anna Milton. Anna Marie is the secret identity of Rogue from the X-Men films, ironically played by famous actress Anna Paquin (also known for her role on True Blood). Anna Kendrick, is a well-known actress most popularly known for the Pitch Perfect movies. Literary characters include Anna Fitzgerald from Jodi Picoult's novel My Sister's Keeper, and one of the most famous pieces of classic literature ever written, Leo Tolstoy's female heroine Anna from the novel Anna Karenina. Don’t forget about the song “Anna (Go to Him)” by the Beatles and Anna Pavlova the famous Russian ballerina.



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