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Angela Name Meaning And Origin

Angela Name Meaning And Origin



Origin: Greek

Meaning: Angel, Messenger

Pop Culture: There is petite, blonde character Angela Martin on the show The Office played by Angela Kinsey. Angela Bower is the main character on Who's the Boss? played by Judith Light. Angela Chase is the lead character in the sitcom My So-Called Life. Angela Hayes, played by Mena Suvari, is a character in the award winning movie American Beauty. “Angela" is a song by The Bee Gees released in 1987. Angela Montenegro is a character on the hit television show Bones. Angela Petrelli is a character on the NBC show Heroes. Played by Sandra Bullock, the main character in the 1995 film The Net is Angela Bennett. In the cartoon Family Guy, Peter Griffin’s boss’ name is Angela. Angela is a character from the novel and film Twilight. Angela Bassett is an actress known for her role as Tina Turner in the 1993 biopic What's Love Got to Do with It.



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