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Amelia Name Meaning And Origin

Amelia Name Meaning And Origin



Origin: Latin, German

Meaning: Work, Hard-working

Pop Culture: Of course, there is the legendary Amelia Earhart who was the first female pilot to ever fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Another powerful female figure was Amelia Bloomer, an early suffragist who fought for women’s rights in the 1800’s. Famous characters include: Princess Amelia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries, Amelia Bedelia from the popular children’s novels, Amelia Shepherd, Dr. McDreamy’s neurosurgeon sister on TV show Grey's Anatomy, and Amelia Pond from the hit series Doctor Who. You may also recall the song "Amelia" by Joni Mitchell. Did you know that Minnie Driver’s real name is Amelia Fiona Driver?



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