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Alora Name Meaning And Origin

Alora Name Meaning And Origin



Origin: American

Meaning: A combination of the name Lora and the letter A. In Latin, Lora means crowned with laurel. 

Pop Culture: Alora is derived from names Lora, Laura, and Laurel. There are many actresses named Laura, to include: Laura Prepon (That 70’s Show), Laura Linney (Ozark), Laura Dern (Big Little Lies), and Laura Marano (The Perfect Date). Reese Witherspoon, A-list, American actress, was born Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon, known for Legally Blonde and Wild. Laurel Stucky is a reality TV star who won MTV's reality game show The Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Laurel Holloman played Tina Kennard on the Showtime TV drama The L Word. Laura Palmer was the character and mystery girl from the TV show Twin Peaks. “Laura Palmer” is a song by Bastille released in 2012. Laura Winslow is a character on the '90s sitcom Family Matters.



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