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10 Of The Best Toys for A 6 Month Old

10 Of The Best Toys for A 6 Month Old

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There is an abundance of toys on the market for infants. Finding the best toy for your six-month-old can be a challenge, it is so much more than just bright colors and sounds. Fine and gross motor skills are taught in play. It’s tempting to buy a menagerie of trinkets and gadgets to entertain them, but the vast majority of toys will go untouched. Here are my two tips for buying the best toys. First, keep toy choice simple at this age. Second, choose toys that encourage developmental skills.


Infants are capable of learning much more than we give them credit. This truly becomes apparent when watching them play with their toys. Here is a list of the toys that help grow the skills needed to reach important developmental millstones.


  1. Fisher-Price Zoom ‘n Crawl Monster
    best fisher price toys for 6 month old

The playschool monster remained my son’s all-time favorite toy the first year. He loved to watch the swirling table twirl the colorful balls. The toy turned on by a rolling bar. My son quickly learned the cause and effect from this action. The model has a grow with me feature. In stationary mode, only sounds and the table twirl. In the moving mode, the monster will spin and move around spitting out colorful balls. This toy was very helpful in motivating my son to learn to crawl. The monster kept his attention. It was an amazing to watch him seek out his monster to play with.  


  1. Little Tikes Cozy Truck Ride-On
    best little tikes toys for a 6 month old

My son resisted the stroller because he despised being restrained. A super handy toy that encourage outside play was the Little Tike Truck. However, this truck allowed him to feel safe and secure enough to discover the outdoors. This toy included a solid floor base, so no worries about him falling out the bottom. This model also had a door lock that prevented him from accidently opening the door. This toy was familiar, since he already had something similar in the house, he quickly learned to operate the wheel and horn.  At 6 months, this toy helped him to develop a strong core to keep him steady as we rolled along. He was quite content to sit inside and be pushed.

  1. Jumper
    cool toys for 6 month old

All of my babes loved to jump. However, my daughter enjoyed it the most. She loved jumping so much, I had to make sure I had a soft-landing pad! Jumpers provide lots of fun and exercise. Easy to install and there are many different types on the market. My favorite models have built in trays. This toy really worked out her leg muscles. She was an early walker at 9 months. Bonus! If you’re into crafting, a jumper is the easiest way to paint wiggly feet.

  1. Toy Phones
    educational toys for babies 6 months

A play phone is great for reinforcing fine motor skills. My daughter played with different types of phones. Her favorite phones were the ones with lights and sounds that happened when it opened and shut.

Play phones are great to store away in your purse or diaper bag when you need a quick distraction for little hands during a diaper change.

  1. Play Steering Wheel
    recommended toys for 6 month old

Bright colors and different sounds drew me to this toy. My son loved to pull the blinker and quickly mastered the horn. This toy fit easily into my lap for us to play with together and light enough for him push around the floor. The wide base prevented it from tipping over during floor-time play. My son would push this toy around the room making noises.

  1. Activity Jumper with Lights and Melodies
    best activity toys for 6 month old

Stationary jumpers are helpful to keep your little one safe and confined to one location. Today there are many different options to choose from. Little Einstein jumpers have always been my favorite. They feature cheerful songs, bright colors and unique station activities. My child quickly learned to turn around and play with each station. Linking chains can be used to attach cups and other toys for added fun.  


  1. Soft toys
    best toys for six month old babies

All my little ones loved to play with the soft toys. I love these toys because they are easy to keep clean. Most are able to go straight in the washing machine. Soft blocks and books were among the most loved. I would toss and roll the cubes for us to race too. Squishing and crinkling the pages together brought him joy. His favorite book had teethers, finger puppets and sensory touch pages.

  1. Hand held toys
    6 month old baby development toys

Any toy small enough for little hands are perfect for a 6-month-old. My daughter loved the noise maker models. She was able to get her hands around for a secure hold and the moving parts caught her fancy. Working on her fine motor skills she mastered the ability to create noises. 

  1. Activity Tables

 best toys for six month old

Activity tables are wonderful toys that encouraging belly time. This toy really helped my son have get control over his head. The best part of these table are all the little activities to discover. Playing with him, it didn’t take long to masters the toy. Soon he could to hold his body up while he played around the table. Another benefit is the ability of this toy to grow with your child. When he began to pull himself up, I was able to install the legs.

  1. Play cubes
    age appropriate toys for 6 month old

My son enjoyed playing with his 5 sides of fun. He would spend playtime devoted to exploring each side. His favorite was the counting shapes. He loved to hear the numbers and the “5 Sides of Fun,” tune. This activity toy helped him develop his pincher grasp. He was easily able to manipulate the light weight toy. He loved to explore how each side worked.


The best toys are of course the one your little one enjoys to play with. Choose toys that you would enjoy playing with and interacting with your child. Have fun and keep playtime simple.

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