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19 Ways to Make Your Baby’s First Christmas Special

19 Ways to Make Your Baby’s First Christmas Special

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If you are like me, you LOVE Christmas. I enjoy everything about the holiday season. I'm literally trying to control my excitement just writing this post.

Now that I have a child, everything is even more magical. It doesn’t matter how young kids are... the lights, the smells, and the feeling of Christmas is one of a kind. It's never too early to start creating those intimate family traditions. 

Remember, Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind.

 christmas baby

Here are 19 awesome ways to make your baby’s first Christmas special! 

  1. Make a Homemade Ornament.
    Using your baby's hand or foot, press down on crafting clay to make their mark. It's your choice if you'd like to paint the ornament or not, and then use ribbon to hang it on your tree. It's easiest to purchase a clay making kit because it comes with the supplies you need and directions.
    Babies grow up so fast. This is a fabulous way to remember how tiny your baby's hands and feet once were, and you can hang it on your Christmas tree year after year.
    homemade christmas ornament

  2. Take a Family Photo.
    Hire a photographer or just ask a friend to help. There's no better way to solidify a memory than a family photograph. Get creative and frame your best one to commemorate the occasion forever.
    Need ideas?
    You could take a picture of your baby: in a stocking (not hung up of course), surrounded with Christmas lights, in front of or under the Christmas tree, holding a Christmas ornament, sleeping on a Christmas book, clasping a candy cane, inside of a Christmas present, sitting in a mini-sled, drinking milk next to some Christmas cookies, or you could really get into the spirit and do 12 different photos for the 12 days of Christmas!
    family x mas photo

  3. Send Out a Christmas Card.
    This is a fantastic way to spread the joy of the holidays with the ones you love. All that time you spent getting the perfect holiday photo should go to good use!
    Tinyprints makes it easy to upload photos and create beautiful, personalized sentiments. I am positive your friends and family would love to decorate their fridge with a picture of your sweet little bundle.
    family xmas card
  4. Get Matching Family PJs.
    It will only be so long until your kids will be too cool to match you (or even acknowledge your existence). Soak in all the family bonding while you can by getting pajamasfor the whole household.
    Christmas is a time where there is no limit when it comes to cheesiness. You've got to get while the getting is good... before they are teenagers!
    Don't forget about PJs for your pets—they need love too. 
    matching family christmas pajamas

  5. Paint a Masterpiece.
    There's nothing quite as rare as a handprint or footprint piece of art. Using paint and your baby of course, create holiday themed artwork that highlights your baby's teensy little fingers and toes!
    To complete this craft, you'll need a canvas... you can use construction paper or a ceramic plate.
    An example idea is to dip your baby's foot in green paint and make a Christmas tree (pictured below). You could also use both feet to look like mistletoe and label the painting "Mistletoes." Who doesn't love a good pun?
    You can use brown paint to make reindeer or white paint to make snowmen. There are a ton more ideas on Pinterest to browse. 
    The final product is neat to keep for yourself, but it also makes a unique gift for grandparents.
     christmas finger painting ideas
  6. Meet Santa!
    Meeting the notorious Chris Kringle is an exclusive event! Getting to meet Santa is one of the most magical moments for a child. There's no need to wait for your baby to be older to embark on this iconic experience. Prep your camera for cuteness overload. There may be tears (from parents and babies), but it's all in good fun! 
    meet santa
  7. Buy a Personalized Tree Ornament.
    Maybe crafting isn't your thing—you can still treasure your baby's first Christmas with an ornament that is 100% dedicated to them by buying and personalizing one.
    My mother did this with my siblings and me, and she let us keep our own individual ornaments as adults. I still have mine and will cherish it forever. There's a multitude of precious options to look at... the hard part is picking just one. 
    personalized tree ornament

  8. Hang Up Their Own Stocking.
    It's time to make it official! Get out the hammer and nails to make room for one more on the fireplace. Anyone who is a part of the family deserves their own stocking.
    Have one personalized or buy a standard stocking and write in their name with a glitter glue pen. 
    hang up their own stocking

  9. Play Elf on the Shelf.
    Elf on the Shelf is one of the biggest holiday hits in recent years. This mischievous little elf likes to hide in a different silly place everyday leading up to Christmas—with some help from Mom and Dad of course.
    Once your kids are older, they'll get to name the elf and play hide and seek with him! Although they’ll be too young to remember their very first Christmas, you can show your kids pictures when they’re older of them playing Elf on the Shelf. It’s a fun tradition that they can say they've done their whole lives.
    An added bonus: the elf reports back to Santa nightly on who's been naughty and who's been nice. It's an ingenious way to get toddlers to behave during the holidays!
    play elf on a shelf

  10. Read Christmas books.
    How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Polar Express, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas... you have to teach your kids the classics!
    Reading aloud to babies helps with their social development and communication skills. Sure, chewing on the corners of a book might not seem like much, but they are listening to you and making associations in the brain. They will connect reading with bonding time and your voice, which as a result, creates a positive outlook on reading. Your baby might even respond while you read by making and repeating sounds! Cuddle up with your little boo and get them to love learning while they're young.
    read christmas books

  11. Sing Christmas Songs.
    Get your baby to do the Jingle Bell Rock! My little girl was born in July and I was singing her Christmas songs even then! I was determined to make her love Christmas since birth—that, and they were the only songs I knew. Future Christmas caroler coming through!
    But as most parents will tell you, it doesn't matter what you sing, the sound of your voice is both entertaining and soothing to babies. You can sing a cappella style, sing with the track, or invest in a Christmas sound book that includes festive illustrations. 
    The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.
    sing christmas songs

  12. Make Christmas Cookies.
    Baking cookies is an activity for everyone. Mom and Dad eat all the cookies... baby drinks all the milk!
    All kinds of smells can stimulate your baby's nose. Because your baby's sense of smell developed early on in the womb, it's pretty darn strong once they're born.
    Did you know that your sense of smell and memories are processed by the same part of the brain? So not only will your baby enjoy the smell of cookies while you bake them, but your baby will be able to make an association with the smell of snickerdoodles and Christmas time (aka the most wonderful time of the year). Soon enough, your kids will be icing gingerbread cookies all on their own.
    Any excuse to make more chocolate crinkles, right?
    make christmas cookies

  13. Go See a Light Show.
    Light shows are a stunning way to appreciate the holidays. The dazzling lights and the sensational music emulate the magic that is Christmas.
    It's no secret that most babies love being in the car, so driving around is a great activity for them! If there isn't a light show to see in your area, driving around locally to look at the lights on houses is equally as captivating.  
    Don't worry if baby falls asleep during the ride, that just means she/he loved it!
    go see a light show

  14. Snuggle By the Fireplace.
    Ooo baby it's cold outside! What better way to get cozy with your loved ones than in front of a warm fire? At a safe distance, you can curl up with your baby by the fireplace to get the atmosphere just right. Your baby (and you) will be enchanted by the view.
    Grab a soft blanket and some toasty hot cocoa (for yourself), and enjoy some quality bonding time together.
    snuggle by the fireplace

  15. Make a Snow Globe.
    Make a snow globe extra special by adding pictures of your newest addition inside! You could personalize the snow globe with a double-sided frame... one side use a picture from your ultrasound, and the other side use a newborn photo.
    You could also personalize the globe with one newborn photo and on the other side, a recording of your baby weight and inches at birth.
    Get a plastic globe, so your kids can actually play with it themselves, turning it upside down and right side up to watch the snow fall. 
    make a snow globe

  16. Give a Christmas Present.
    Too young for presents? Never!
    Whether your little one has been naughty or nice, get them a gift only a baby could appreciate. Some winning options include: a stroller/car seat toy, a reindeer plush, an elf onesie, a teddy bear rattle, or a Christmas themed teether.
    Merry Christmas, baby!
    give a christmas present

  17. Wear a Santa Hat.
    Turn Old Saint Nick into Little Saint Nick with a "My First Christmas" Santa hat. Babies will relish in the the warmth of a winter hat and they will look SO stinkin' cute, you won't be able to stop kissing them.
    Ho! Ho! Ho!
    wear a santa hat

  18. Write a Letter to Santa.
    As a time capsule, you could start the tradition of writing a note to Santa. Include in your baby's letter: his/her weight, length, favorite things, and least favorite things. Don't forget to add your baby's Christmas wish list, too.
    This is an awesome tradition that will evolve a little more every year. For now, you write the letter for them. But soon, they will actually be able to vocalize what they want you to write down. Then before you know it, they will be writing the letter to Santa by themselves. 

    Below is a template of what you could potentially write down:

    Dear Santa,

    I am 3 months old. I weigh 15 pounds, 2 ounces and I'm 26 inches long. My favorite things right now include swinging, getting my diaper changed, tummy time, warm baths, and when my daddy goes on a rant.

    I loathe pooping and the mirror scares me. I'm starting to break out of my swaddle which means I won't need it much longer. 

    All I want for Christmas this year is to learn how to crawl!

    I hope you enjoy your cookies.

    Love Always,

    Your Baby's Name

    write a letter to santa

  19. Buy a Real Christmas Tree.
    Everyone knows that one of the main components of Christmas is the TREE. That is why this festive activity cannot be skipped.
    When scouting the perfect Christmas tree, you want to be on the look out for a few main details: size, color, smell, and character. Picking one that is alive is usually best, too.
    Get a tree that is compatible with your family's personality, and maybe even give it a name! This is an honored custom that your family can make special in a thousand different ways. Head to your local farm and select a tree to give some TLC.
    buy a real christmas tree




I hope some of these tips and traditions make your baby's first Christmas the best it can be.

Feliz Navidad!

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